Frequently Asked Questions

Our Best Answers

Why take a SUP fitness class on the water? 

Being on the water can reduce stress, bring peace, laughter and cultivate focus all while working on your fitness. Flexibility, balance and strength training are all part of the fitness program offered at Sunny Shore SUP.

How are the classes structured

All classes begin on land with instruction on safety and basic paddle techniques before getting on the water. All classes are designed for beginners unless otherwise stated.

Where do we park and go once we arrive at Sunny Shore SUP?

You are welcome to use the drive way or park along the street just off the sides of the road. Once you park walk around the back of the house to the dock.

We hear this all the time -"no way!  I will fall off the board if I try it."

You will be amazing!! We teach all skill levels and enjoy teaching beginners who have never been on a stand up paddleboard. The SUP yoga boards are built for exercise and are the most stable. You will begin seated and can stay seated on a large base of support until you are comfortable. You will have a blast and find it relaxing. Message us for more details

I really have poor balance but I want to try paddleboarding 

You might be surprised. Please message me for a private lesson or let us train you in a beginners class. We can plan a class based especially on your needs if you have a particular goal in mind.  

What do I need to bring? 

There is a always a chance of falling in the water, so wear your bathing suit or athletic clothing that can get wet. You may want a towel, sunglasses, water, sunscreen / bug spray and come ready to relax and have fun! WE DO NOT HAVE PUBLIC RESTROOMS or CHANGING ROOMS so arrive ready to paddle. Please note Sunny Shore SUP cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items while on the water or left in vehicles or on shore. Please be mindful of what is in your pockets while you are on the water.

What will happen in the event of inclement weather ?

You will be contacted at least one hour before class to notify you of the cancellation.  You will be offered a refund, or you can reschedule your class. Otherwise,all reservations must be cancelled within 24 hours prior to class beginning or the class purchase will be forfeited. Groups and parties must give a 48 hour notice of cancellation.

What happens if I arrive late for the class start time?

Im sorry but you will forfeit your refund and will be left standing on the dock. All classes start promptly at the scheduled time, and late comers will have to book another class. The SUP 101 is important for your safety and cannot be missed.