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Will I be able to do it? I have bad balance! Im afraid I will fall!? Im too old? NO WAY!!!

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

OK! I hear you and I want to help you feel successful with paddleboarding. I am a full time Occupational Therapist and you ask me, "What does that have to do with anything?" I love balance work , fall prevention, core body work, strength training and most of all seeing a person be transformed by the progress they make. Paddleboarding is for beginners, all ages and can be so wonderful to help increase your core body strength and improve your balance. One reward I did not anticipate is the excitement people feel when they stand up the first time. It is FANTASTIC!

The boards we use are designed for fitness, stability and maneuverability. The boards provide a wide base of support and are sturdy for this kind of paddling and exercise.

We can start at zero entry and work from a seated posture up to standing when your ready. We can work on achieving goals you need to improve your strength, balance and overall confidence in your skills. Paddleboarding is not just for young people, yogis or someone who has good balance. You can come out and just paddle and explore or you can sign up and take a fitness class, customize your own class or take a SUP YOGA class.

Message me with questions, group classes, family training, team building or individualized work for yourself. I love to work on balance and guess what if you fall ..... your in the water .... you can wear a life jacket... its ok .... its fun... you will have a blast... you will want to try it again... Tell your friends and bring your next group out to paddle !!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! HAVE FUN WITH IT !!! SEE YOU ON THE WATER SOON!!

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